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Started on Tue Jan 18, 2022

Fees  £3,800 plus Registration fee

If you want to train to become a professional counsellor, this course is accredited and recognised by the Professional Associations for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and for employing organisations such as the NHS.  


This Level 4 course matches the training criteria requirement, which means upon completion you can apply for an individual BACP accreditation. After completing this course, you can also progress to higher level courses or a MA in counselling.


This course covers several areas:

  • Counselling Theory

  • Diversity (including mental health issues)

  • Professional & Organisational Issues

  • Advanced Counselling Skills

  • Self awareness in practice

  • Research

  • Placement 100 Hours supervised Practice


You’ll be assessed through your written and practical work, and feedback will be provided by both your tutor and your peers.


Self awareness is an essential part of this course. This course will help you become more accepting of yourself and others, including your clients. Your development is your responsibility, but we’re here to guide you.


To complete this course, you’ll need to pass an internal skills assessment, and undertake a 100 hour placement in a relevant environment. In this placement, you should assimilate the key principles of person centred counselling, and respect your clients personality, background, and mental health issues.


You’ll also have to complete an external assessment, which consists of a portfolio of work including case studies. Although we can guide you throughout, we can’t mark your work - and it’s up to you to decide if your work is ready to submit. To be eligible for this course, you must have completed your certificate in counselling skills level 3.

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